M∙A∙C Is Beauty Lipsticks Reel Sexy, Notice Me & Diva-ish Swatches

 M∙A∙C Is Beauty

Hey All I wanted to share with you some swatches from the M∙A∙C Is Beauty Collection like I said in my previous post  this is a collection that I will definitely be saving my pennies for. With 12 lipsticks and 16 Fluidlines to choose from plus more, its enough to overwhelm even the best of beauty Guru’s.

Today I have 3 lipsticks from the collection to show you today along with shades from other collections that are either quite similar or pretty bang on in my opinion. From the moment I saw this collection I knew I had shades in my stash that could very well be a dupe for some shades which I thought would save some of you some money to go towards something else in the M∙A∙C Is Beauty Collection you may be eyeing. So lets get started.

 M∙A∙C Is Beauty Lipstick Reel Sexy, Notice Me & Diva-ish Swatches

I was really happy with the lipsticks of course however I would have loved it Notice me was a little more pigmented but given that it is a lustre finish the colour pay off is expected. Diva-Ish and Reel Sexy are both Amplified finishes packed with lots of colour which is what I love about Amplifieds. The give long lasting colour without chapping your lips.

Now for the comparisons as I said when I first saw some of the shades I knew that some of them were launched before under different names or slightly different. These are the swatches with shades from the M∙A∙C Is Beauty Collection and other shades from previous collections. Now from all the swatches that I did you can see that Diva-Ish and Red Balloon from the Play Land collection are pretty Identical.

 M∙A∙C Is Beauty Lipstick  Diva-ish Swatches

 I thought that Notice me and Pink Popcorn from the Reel Sexy Collection were pretty close in the tube but when I swatched Pink Pop Corn it came out a lot more on the cool pink shade then I thought it would. Although being that they both have a lustre finish I did notice that Notice Me has more opacity than the Pink Popcorn shade did and was a lot more cooler in tone too.

 M∙A∙C Is Beauty Lipstick  Notice Me Swatches

For Reel Sexy, I couldn’t decide which I thought was more comparible so I swatched two shades with it. Razzle Dazzler and Sushi Kiss both from the All about Orange Collection.  For Razzle Dazzler being a lustre finish it did have just as much colour payoff as Reel Sexy, however I feel that had it been an amplified it would look alot more like Reel Sexy

 M∙A∙C Is Beauty Lipstick Reel Sexy

So there you have it. A few swatches to get an idea of just how beautiful this collection is. With that being said I will be standing in line waiting eagerly to get mine before they vanish!

Available online on March 31, 2015
Available in-store on April 2, 2015 through May 14, 2015

* This post contains products that were sent for review purposes

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