L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation Review and Swatches


L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation Review and Swatches


Foundation is one of those things I have a love hate relationship with. Kind of the same feeling I have when I need to go shopping, I love the idea of new things and I hate the idea of executing the physical steps to completing it. Foundations in the beauty world for Woman of colour is one of the most stressful, complex avenues to explore. We have alot of prerequisites to check off to find the perfect feel, colour, price and look of foundation when we need to purchase one. Being a beauty/makeup junkie foundations are the one thing I don’t have many of because I have never found the perfect one.

I have found some that are okay, some that will do the trick for the time being and some that I would only repurchase if they were on sale. Not because they weren’t good but because although I was more than satisfied there were still certain aspects that were missing. I recently had the opportunity to try the new L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundations that everyone in the beauty world have been raving about. So today I wanted to share my thoughts coming from a woman of colour, for other women like myself that are looking at using them are prepared with the information they are wondering about before they buy. Let’s Begin!

Get up to 24 hours of full coverage with a lightweight feel and a natural finish. Infallible Total Cover Foundation blends instantly to cover dark spots, blemishes, scars, and hyper pigmentation for a flawless complexion. The foundation is formulated with high load pigments for full coverage and is enriched with Alliagel. The formula glides on and feels fresh all day. It will create the perfect canvas for flawless makeup application.


Its not your typical foundation texture, it feels more like a mousse which is why it doesn’t feel heavy as a normal full coverage foundation would. With that being said, you are able to blend it out for a soft flawless finish with out it sitting in those tricky little lines some of us have. After blending I noticed that my skin felt super soft to the touch and I didn’t get to much transfer on my finger tips. 


It says that its a full coverage however I would have to disagree. Its more of a medium to full. Again because of its texture I did have the ability to build on the coverage but that would completely depend on what tool I used to apply it. Using a dense brush is great if you plan to only apply one layer. If you really desire a “full” coverage then I would strongly suggest using a blending sponge of some sort. I tried both ways and I will say for those that do have texture to the skin, you are for warned on how much product you apply and what tools you use to do it. 

Colour Range/Undertone:

This was a hard one for me to decipher, the colour range for deeper skin tones on a scale of 1-10 is about a 6 not because they’re not enough shades but because of the under tone, if you look closely some have a slight grey undertone to them, I am not sure why they do, reason being Women of Colour naturally have a warmer under tones. When I first applied the shade I thought would match (#309 Caramel Beige) the grey under tone really shone through. I noticed though that after about one hour after it had been on it looked a million times better. It was almost like there were colour adjusting properties in the formulation. Now I don’t have an oily skin type and I did review the wear of the foundation with and without a primer and I still experienced the colour adjusting of the foundation. Keep in mind this wasn’t oxidization because it didn’t get darker by any means it actually adjusted to my skin and they grey cast had gone away. 

Final Thoughts:

I enjoy the foundation its a great option for a fuller coverage application because its not heavy. I just wish the under tones were better, I like the packaging its practical and easy to use. The only thing that I wanted to mention that the colour on the packaging doesn’t reflect the colour of the product inside. Would I purchase this on my own if I had to? Yes I think I would. Would it be my first choice? Probably not I much prefer the Pro Glow finish. Something else which I felt is really important to mention if you are currently wearing any of the infallible foundation the colour names and shades are not the same through out. I wear classic tan in the Pro Matte and Pro Glow however in the Total Cover Classic Tan just didn’t look the way I wanted it. When I wore the Total cover it did last my full 8 hour shift with very little oil shining through. For the simple fact that it lasted on my face while running around at work is a really good thing. You can find the Infallible foundations at mass retailers world wide.

Have you tried this foundations? What are your thoughts on its performance? Let me know in the comments below.

*products in this post were sent for review all opinions are honest based on my experience

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