Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas: Beauty Edition

Well folks tomorrow is that morning grabbing day all of our significant others have been hustling and bustling around for gifts to make us happy. I went into Walmart this morning only to see a bunch of Men picking through the bouquets of flowers that they had on sale for last minute gift ideas. Then something came to mind, let me gather a few items that I think would be great ideas for gifts that will leave a lasting impression on anyone from very simple taste to those who expect the world on Valentines Day. Hope you like my gift ideas and Happy Valentines Day!

1. CoverGirl Liptick Hot Passion: Every woman needs a Red statement lip for her Valentines wardrobe it sexy and always leave that WOW factor.

2. Stationary: Now if you are like me and love stationary, you can never have enough pens and stationary cards for her to hand out to the ones she loves. Share the love!

3.Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire: Fragrances are very important when getting ready for a night out with the one you love. A Spritz behind the ears and the nape of your neck and you’re date will be set.

4. Mark. Cosmetics Naked Love set: While shes prepping for your night out why not have her shower with a lightly scented velvety musk scent to enhance your senses. When her those hands get a little dry she can still savour that irresistible scent on her hands with the matching hand cream.

5. Rimmel Provacalips: Long lasting kisses under the moonlight well that means she needs some smudge proof budgeproof lip colour for the evening hours while the both of you sit under the moonlight and gaze into each other’s eyes.

6. Roses: Every woman deserves a Rose it symbolizes the Love and Respect you have for her. So get her a Dozen and tell her you adore her!

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