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Husband Approved Romantic Meals For Valentines Day

Husband Approved Romantic Meals For Valentines Day

Husband Approved Romantic Meals For Valentines Day

Are you prepared for Valentines Day tomorrow? Gifts wrapped, reservations book? Or did you run out of time like my hubby and I did and completely forgot tomorrow was valentines day. Now our favourite restaurant is fully booked but that is quite okay. See the reason why we are okay with the fact that time has run out is because there are so many other alternatives to enjoying valentines day at home. Enjoying the evening at home is far more intimate, you can spend time together without the noise and its much cheaper. For V Day we are doing things a little different and my love will be taking care of all the preparations.


This year he will be cooking us both a mean made with love that we will enjoy in the comfort of our home, there will be no pressure to dress up in fancy clothing and no rush to leave for the next couple to dine. This will be my hubby’s fist attempt at cooking a meal that doesn’t consist of eggs and toast or pancakes. My husband and I have partnered with Chefs Plate to bring you Husband Approved Romantic Meals for Valentines Day or any other special day you choose. These meals are designed to make cooking easier for the busy person or like my husband, someone that isn’t interested in whats going on in the kitchen on the stove. IMG_3248


When my husband first agreed to cooking he was a little hesitant because I take care of the meal preparation in the home, and I certainly wasn’t interested in his eggs and toast or pancakes for Valentines Day dinner. But with easy to read recipes with step by step visuals and the ingredients already in hand, it gave him the confidence to cook not only one meal but 2 at the same time. The two meals that he prepared were a pimento cheese melts and Tomato Soup as a starter and for the main dish we enjoyed Guacamole Turkey Burgers.



To set the Valentines ambiance we quickly threw together a little table setting for the both of us with a fresh bouquet of Tulips from Tonic Blooms wrapped in their signature denim. It is a local florist in the Greater Toronto Area that guarantee same day service of beautiful blooms for local orders. The fresh blooms really added colour and beauty to our meal and a week later they are still just as beautiful as the day when I first received them. What special plans do you have for Valentines this year? Let me know in the comments below.


Tomato Soup


Pimento Cheese Melts



Guacamole Turkey Burgers




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