How to combat Winter Dry Skin With Nivea (Face)

Nivea sensitive day and night care moisturizers

Protecting the skin is very important in the Winter months. Our skin naturally becomes more dry and sensitive due to the cold air and the environmental elements that we experience. Nivea has recently launched their new skin care line comprised of amazing ingredients that offer Canadian women results to the skin that will help aid in healthier more moisturized skin during the Winter months.

The Nivea skin care line is said to effectively reduce signs of sensitive skin, restore moisture in the skin and is also mild with no parabens, colorants and perfume. The Nivea skin care line offers a Day and Night cream that relieves dryness, reduces redness to the skin,and is soothing. It is formulated with Licorice extract and Grape seed oil, as well as a Micellar Charging water that removes makeup without the harsh chemicals.

The both retail for $8.99 each and can be purchased at mass retailers.

I have been using the Nivea Skin Care Line for the last month and I have noticed that my skin does feel alot tighter. The consistency is thick enough for the winter but not heavy on the skin to the point where I feel like my pores cannot breath. Being that there is a day and night cream, there was still no difference in the consistency of the cream. What I love the most is the fact that there is no scent at all. I have noticed that now that I am getting older, in the winter months my face has started to get a little irritated around and under the nose area and anything with scents seem to irritate it more. However this was not the case with the Nivea line.

Overall this is a great line to try out and I would definitely purchase this line.

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