Holiday Inspired Candy Cane Nails

Holiday Inspired Candy Cane Nails

Well its Christmas Eve! I’m so excited for Christmas day, not for the gifts but for the family time. In my home we have a few family traditions we like to do with the kids before gifts are open, We pray and we also read the Christmas story from the Bible. Being A Christian I try to really show my children that Christmas isn`t mainly about the Gifts but more so about the birth of Christ.

Anyway moving along, these are the nails that I have been rocking for the last 4 days. They are actually Avon nail stickers that I received last year for review but never got a chance to wear them. I love these stickers by the way; its a quick way to fancy up my nails and still be able to cook and bake without worrying about my nail polish chipping off into the foods that I need to prepare with my hands.

They are easy to apply and remove my only small issue with them is that some of the nails stickers did fit exactly all around my nail bed but you can`t tell at all. They retails for $12 on Avon`s website at the time but because they are last years edition I don`t think they are still available.

What do your holiday nails look like, Let me know in the comments below.

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