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Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex
100ml/ $19.99

Being a Wife and Stay at home mom, you will catch my hands more than likely submerged in a sick of water, mopping, cleaning a toilet, sink, mirrors, cooking or laundry most of the time. With that being said you can imagine the wear and tear my hands go through on a regular basis. From dry cuticles, cracked dry skin or broken nails. Being that I hate all of those things that my job description side effects I call them entail. I am always on a hunt for a hand cream that will provide my hands with the proper repairing quality that they need. 
For the last couple of weeks I have been reviewing a Hand Cream that is worth the buzz.

Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex

Hand Chemistry prides itself on focusing a multi-functional skincare with a great focus on hands. Next the the face, hands are another important part of our everyday living. We communicate alot with our hands and given that they are a visible factor in society we must also take note the importance in proper care for our hands.  Hand Chemistry uses the very latest active ingredients at the highest levels they can, to give the hands an extraordinary results in 11 days or less. There is a 19.5% active complex concentration in the Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex which gives the ability to target 8 signs of ageing in the hands such as firmness, elasticity, density, evenness, texture, brightness, smoothness and most importantly hydration. Which again goes back to my earlier statement about our hands being an important factor in communicating so we have to have proper care in hand…. literally. Also these are signs that we spends hundreds on to fight for our face, why not do it for the hands as well.
Hand Chemistry also contains a biotechnological derivative of mushrooms which is said to be 400x more hydrating than hyluronic acid. Along with biological GHK added, it also decreases the depth of wrinkled hands by 15% in 15 days which is awesome for me. Mainly because all the women in my family start to age in their hands first before anywhere else. As for the moisture factor it can be increased by 11% in 12 hours 21% in one day and 32% in a month from the Algea ferment included. To keep the moisture that most hand cream often lose after a few minutes of wear Hand Chemistry has also added in addition to all the other great ingredients Sacha Inchi oil and Maize Propanedial to create a barrier for the skin to hold in new moisture.


For the last two weeks my hands have been in heaven. Not only are they brighter, they feel more alive. After 2 days of usage I noticed a big difference on how my hands felt after being in water. They felt less dry and cracked and I didn’t experience anymore dry cuticles. I actually didn’t have to result to using excessive amounts of cuticle oils like I was doing before. After a week of use I found that I didn’t have to reach for cream to “top up” the usage due to it absorbing and disappearing to fast. Now that I am at the two week mark, I have even noticed that my nail beds look brighter, as well my husband even complemented me on how soft my hands are. I have even secretly put some on the heels of my feet…. IT WORKED! Would I purchase this on my own as a staple Of course! and you should too. The Hand Chemistry line is exclusive to shoppers drug  mart for $19.99 and worth every penny! 
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