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Family Time Sunday Funsies In Comfy Onesies


Family Time Sunday Funsies In Comfy Onesies

There is nothing my family enjoys more than laying around on the floor or couch by the Fireplace. With out favourite pj’s while we watch our Sunday Family Tradition on Netflix Fresh Prince of Bel-air. Or we play a million rounds of Uno. Sundays are the one night of the week where we gather as a family together, to enjoy each others company. To catch up on the happening of our busy week. The kids especially enjoy it because we get to do what they enjoy most…. NOTHING.  Right now my family, especially the younger kids have taken a liking to wearing onesies.


Here I thought I knew what my kids would and wouldn’t wear and they have completely surprised me. Trust me when I tell you, if I had known sooner I would have bought them long time ago. They are super comfortable and fun to wear. On my recent shop at Giant Tiger  which as you know is currently my favourite place to shop for the kids and household items. I picked up Onesies for myself and the family. I will admit, I didn’t think I was going to wear them and I didn’t think the kids and hubby would either. I was so wrong I actually haven’t been able to keep them from wearing them all the time. They feel that comfy!

There are so many prints that you can choose from. One of my favourites was the one I picked up for the littliest one. It was a Trolls Onesie perfect for her, not to mention she loved it even more after she watched the movie on the weekend.

Normally for Christmas one of our family traditions is a new pair of pj’s to wear on Christmas Eve. This time we have decided to do things a little differently and we decided to trim the tree in our new jammies. Another moment to remember one because I let the kids touch my tree which is unheard of. Second they got to hang decorations where ever they wanted….I cannot wait to rearrange them!


The Onesies range anywhere from $18 for the kids. To $22-$28 for adults. They are great quality, wash well and as I said they are very comfortable to wear also. I love spending these special times with my family where we can all enjoy the simple things in life. Even if we all looked a little goofy doing them. My plan for these onesies is to actually take a Christmas Family Photo to switch it up a little bit from our traditional professional photos that I normally take. If you want to check out more of what Giant Tiger has to offer for Onesies or any other clothing. You can conveniently shop online from the comfort of your own home or drop into you local Giant Tiger store if you live in Canada. To keep up with Giant Tiger and their social media visit all the links below.


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