Elizabeth Arden #ceramide2weekchallenge Thoughts and Review

Elizabeth Arden #ceramide2weekchallenge Thoughts and Review

Elizabeth Arden #ceramide2weekchallenge Thoughts and Review

Hello Friends, for the past two weeks I have been on a quest to achieve younger, firmer and smoother skin with the help of Elizabeth Arden’s advanced Ceramide Capsules. These capsules are a daily youth restoring serum used to take years off. By providing the skin with the required nutrients to renew and deliver skin-identical Ceramides for healthier looking moisture barrier.

Elizabeth Arden #ceramide2weekchallenge Thoughts and Review

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Over the last 14 days I had the opportunity to take part in the #Ceramide2weekChallenge, where twice a day I would apply the serum from the capsule to my freshly washed face. At first I had no idea what ceramides were prior to taking part in this challenge. There are so many benefits and changes in my skin, that I felt compelled to share a little background on Ceramide Capsules. Ceramides are essential to keeping your ski looking youthful and healthy, who doesn’t want that. They comprise over 50% of the essential moisture lipids that help maintain the skin’s healthy barrier. By using the newly formulated Capsules you can experience a triple power dose of youth that can drop ten years off of your skins look.

Elizabeth Arden #ceramide2weekchallenge Thoughts and Review

Consumer that have tested report the follow:

68% reduced fine lines and wrinkles

70% Firm and tones look of skin

72% Visibly improves skin tone clarity

82% Skin is immediately retexturized and revitalized

83% Enhances skin’s hydration

Over the last 14 days I have seen my skin transform into something amazing. The glow that my skin has looking incredible I love the consistency of the serum and the way it absorbs into my skin. After the first use I noticed that the texture look different and applying my makeup was alot more flawless once I was complete. I would definitely recommend the Ceramide Capsules to anyone looking to knock a few years off of their skin.

What are some skin care items you swear by and can’t live without? Would you consider using these Capsules after reading its benefits? Let chat! Let me know in the comments below.

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