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DIY Coastal Beach Inspired Summer Mantle

DIY Coastal Beach Inspired Summer Mantle

Coastal Beach Inspired Summer Mantle 

I can safely say that I am completely settled into our family home. We have spent the last year doing a few home renovations in the home such as 2 bathroom gut jobs. A new bedroom build and other small projects. With that being said, I have totally fallen in love with home decor and diy projects which I will be sharing on the blog in the upcoming months. To start I wanted to share my current summer Mantle decor in my family room. In this space we are blessed with a wood burning Fireplace which we adore.

What I enjoy most is that I can decorate as each season approaches. For instance this summer, with the colour scheme that we have. I went with a Nautical Beach theme. I have always loved the feel of the Beach especially when I cant get there. Being that a Mantle can or cannot have a wide space to work with.Depending on the size of the Mantle and the  I went with items of decor that wouldn’t make the area too busy.


My DIY Coastal Beach Inspired Summer Mantle was a very inexpensive way to decorate the Mantle space. I did most of the shopping at Garage Sales, Value Village Winners and re-purposed a few items I already had. I also made really good use of some out door rocks from my Coy Fish Pond in the Backyard. If you love the beach and appreciate the outdoors. A Beach theme Mantle is really easy to create and the textures and colours are endless depending on your taste.


Beachy Shores

I picked up to vases from Winners when I first moved into this home for a really great deal. They both costed a total of $20 at the time. I chose them because they went perfectly for the vision I had in mind at the time.  On a separate trip to Home depot I picked up a ball of rope and got creative on the vases which my end result I was really happy with.



The seashells I picked up for $3 at Value Village were a full bag of different shapes, textures and colours of shells with a small mix of rocks. In decorating a mantle with a Beach theme in mind it doesn’t have to have any type of form or symmetry to it. Because the main theme is a Beachy washed to shore look, so layering it most definitely recommended.



The Rocks I cleaned and washed which I took from my Coy Fish pond in the backyard. I took 2 of my favourite photos from our first family trip to Cuba. Which was a very sentimental trip so I knew I had to add it to the mantle. I also added a lamp I had purchased at Ikea lastyear and a huge Seashell that the old owners left back. Was a perfect addition to the decor.


Overall I had alot of fun creating look to enjoy in our family space for the summer. Its also the perfect way to discover different ways of using items in the home you currently have. I hope I have inspired you all for next Summer’s decor ideas. Thank for stopping by!


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