Delia Organics Review and Why I love Vitamin C

Delia Organics Review and Why I love Vitamin C

Delia Organics Review and Why I love Vitamin C

Back in August when my face went through a severe reaction from a mask I had used from another brand. Alicia from Delia Organics a Vancouver based skin care line, reached out to me. Thank God she did, I was in the process of nursing 1st degree burns to my face that I had gotten from using a mask from another well known skin care line. I was livid! I take alot of pride into my skin and I had no ides how I was going to heal the burns to my face. It was unbearable and I didn’t know what to expect in terms of scaring.

A little background on Delia Organics Alicia, spent 9 years researching, designing and planning Delia Organics and their ingredients so she can help you achieve amazing healthy skin without changing how beautiful you already are. All of the ingredients used within this line are made with Organic and Natural ingredients, personally tested, Canadian and not tested on animals.

When I first started using the Vitamin C line from Delia Organics I noticed a difference immediately. The burning and irritation I was experiencing from the prior mask had calmed down almost instantly. That was just using the cleanser at the time which also doubles as a body cleanser too. The main reason I think my skin was able to calm down so quickly is because of the Aloe Vera and Rose Hip Oil which are both ingredients that calm the skin.

Delia Organics Review and Why I love Vitamin C

Dose of C Cleanser $30.00

Sulfate-Free cleanser will make your skin scream for more! Infused with Aloe Vera and Sugar, this cleanser will not dry your skin but leave it clean and clear. Great for all skin types, it has 15% Vitamin C which will help brighten, fight the signs of aging and fight against dark spots. Can be used morning and night and typically lasts 2-3 months.


I loved the Dose of C Lotion it has been heavy enough for the crisp fall air and it was light enough when I used it at the end of the summer. This too helped sooth my skin especially when my skin was healing and became a little bit on the itchy side.

Delia Organics Review and Why I love Vitamin C

Dose of C Lotion with Green Tea and Vitamin B5 $30

This lotion is light and great for all skin types. Loaded with Vitamin C, this lotion will help brighten your skin tone and over time, diminish dark spots. You will notice a smooth texture after your first application and your hydration levels will increase. It has 15% Vitamin C and Vitamin B5. If used 2 times per day lotion typically lasts 3 months.

I love serums I mean its safe to say that I am obsessed with them. I don’t however like when they are sticky, and cause separation of other products I put on my face. 18% of Vitamin C? Are you serious! that a good amount of Vitamin C in a Natural product if you really think about it. I have noticed a big difference on areas of my skin where it lacked radiance and I had scarring from ingrown hair on my face. They have lightened up quite a bit.

Delia Organics Review and Why I love Vitamin C

Dose of C Serum with Aloe Vera &  18% Vitamin C $40

Did You Know? 

  • There is some promising research that if the Vitamin C concentration is above 1%, it can help against the bacteria that causes acne.
  • Concentrations higher than 5% reduce inflammation related to acne.
  • This serum also has Hyaluronic Acid which will help boost skin’s moisture barrier, reduce inflammation and prevent moisture loss.
  • Serum is a staple in your skin routine as it is the vehicle to pull the active ingredients into the skin’s layers

After a long summer being exposed to alot of sun and not using sunscreen (allergic) it was nice to apply a treatment to my skin to replenish it. I noticed after about a month of using it my skin felt plumper and the texture softer too.

Delia Organics Review and Why I love Vitamin C

Restore Treatment with Tamanu & Noni

Key Ingredients

  • Grapeseed Oil
    • Contains potent antioxidants that help diminish sun damage & reduces free radical damage by repairing and restoring your skin.
  • Avocado Oil
    • Great source of skin repairing fatty acids in Avocado Oil which help to restore your skin’s layers.
  • Jojoba Oil
    • Enhances the skin’s barrier function, stimulates collagen and protects against UV damage. Also great to soothe skin from swelling, reaction from it’s strong healing properties.


Masks are another essential part to my skin care routine. I didn’t use the Delia Organics masque while my skin was healing. At that point the thought of applying a mask to my face creeped me out to say the least. However when I was able to apply the Halt and Reverse masque it was life changing!Ill leave you with this it will drop a few years off your face! Thank me later.Delia Organics Review and Why I love Vitamin C

Halt & Reverse Masque with Bayberry & Peptides $25

This masque is loaded with antioxidants that will give your skin a huge boost and you will notice a difference after your first use. Why wait to halt the signs of aging? Let’s reverse them now.

Great for All Skin Types

Recommended Usage

  • Oily/Combination Skin – 3x a week
  • Sensitive Skin – 1x a week
  • Normal/Dry Skin- 3x a week and then you can work it into everyday


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