Covergirl Oh Sugar! Vitamin-Infused Balm Review


Covergirl Oh Sugar! Vitamin-Infused Balm Review

Have you ever put on a lip balm and literally want to eat your lips because it smells so delicious? Well that is what the Covergirl Oh Sugar! Vitamin-Infused Balm does for me. Infused with grapeseed oil, avocado butter, and vitamins C & E. Your lips will feel like heaven and I promise you will thank me later. I have been using the Oh Sugar lip balm since the Summer. It is apart of my skin care routine in the morning after I shower and do all that good stuff. I normally apply it while I am prepping my skin for makeup.

There are 10 scented shades to choose from, some give the lips a slight wash of colour and some don’t. To be honest the remind me a little bit like the Fresh lip balms but at a fraction of the price. When I first started using the Oh Sugar Lip Balms, I wasn’t sure what to expect. To tell you the truth I didn’t think that they would be as moisturizing as they are. My first thought about the Oh Sugar! lip balms were how kid like they looked.


The packaging is fun don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t really something I would lean towards, if I had to purchase a lip balm. Anyway after using the Covergirl Oh Sugar! Vitamin-Infused Balm, I can honestly say that I love them for what they are worth. They aren’t the greatest but they are really good for those that just want a balm to throw into their purse and are not afraid of possible losing it. Back to the packaging, nothing special, they look just like the colorlicious lipsticks in terms of shape. The actual colour of the packaging is what will grab your attention. With soft pastel colours it reminds me of cotton candy.. or just candy in general.

The scent is not overpowering and doesn’t smell too artificial. The darker shades give a nice wash of colour where the lighter shades if you pair with a nude liner, looks pretty too. For everyday use I would suggest them because you will get the moisture that you are looking for. For me personally I like heavy balms on my lips when I am not wearing lipstick. Its just a preference of mine. However it still did the job for me.


Overall they do a pretty good job. I am not sure I would actually purchase these myself. For young teens they would be a perfect option for an adult woman not really. So after much thought I would say that they are not similar to Fresh Lip Balms at all. The texture is different and my lips feel more hydrated.


Have your tried the Oh Sugar Lip Balms from Covergirl? What are your thoughts on them let me know in the comments below.

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