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colour pop cosmetics shadows
Hey guys! Let me start of by saying you need these shadows ASAP! Let me tell you a little fact about me. Instagram is my online shopping friend! I discovered Colour Pop Cosmetics about 2 months ago. I was so mesmerized with the swatches that I finally caved and picked up a few of them. All I have to say is WOW! They are like Candy. They’re the most pigmented eye shadows that I have ever seen in my life, you know I also let my readers know of the pigmentation in beauty products because it is extremely important to me.
Now getting back to the amazingness at hand. COLOUR POP yes they certainly do pop. If you are looking for vivid ultra pigmented looks these are definitely your go to. They are a cream to powder finish, they blend seamlessly and once they set the don’t budge. Even after swatching and removing with a baby wipe the colour was still quite visible on my arm. There are about 55 colours witha quilted weave on top to choose from which includes
They are considered to be pressed pigments, some not suitable for the eyes(just to cover the companies butt) because I have seen quite a few looks with the colours not approved for the eyes. Being that they are pressed, they are very smooth in texture more like a cream. It is recommended to use your fingers or a very dense flat brush to pack the colour on the lid and a fluffy crease brush to diffuse the harsh line. You get about 0.07 oz of product which will last you quite awhile because of the high saturation of colour you don’t need a lot. The packaging is super chic, even the box I received them in was cute. The Colour Pop team also sends along with your order a personalized note to thank you for shopping with them. Here is the best part, you would think after all the good things I have mentioned about Colour Pop that these shadows would cost alot right? Well no! they’re on $5 yes that is it!! you are getting quality makeup for a cost friendly price. With my order I was also able to pick their new Lippie Stix and liner that they were pre launching


The first thing that I would like to talk about it how user friendly the website is. It was easy to navigate, everything was broken down into groups to aid in a speedy and efficient shopping experience. At the time that I placed my order there was a special going on where you were sent 2 free lip products from their new line of liner and lipsticks that they were going to carry in the weeks ahead. Knowing this made me even more eager to place an order. Once I was finished picking my items and I was ready to check out I was on the hunt for the option to pick my 2 free lip products. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it so I pretty much just gave up and completed my transaction. Once I received a confirmation email, I was then sent another email telling me to pick 2 free lip items one lipstick and the liner to match the makeup gods were watching! Cuz they know how much I love lip products. I placed my order a few days into the month and I received it about 2 weeks and a few days later. It was kind of a long shipping process but I would assume that it was due to the fact that it was coming to a Canadian address.
All my products were packaging in sturdy packaging with care along with a thank you note as I mentioned before. I was very satisfied with everything that I purchased as well. As far as the performance on the shadows I haven’t done any looks with them yet. But so far the swatches alone speak loud for me. They didn’t budge, all swatches were done without a primer too just to show how pigmented they are. Now I have heard that not all colours in the line carry the same colour pay off consistency but for the ones that I chose I would say that the only one that I have a tid bit of trouble with or could potentially need a little work is NONE lol I am completely happy with my choices.  If I could advise of one thing with the Colour Pop shadows is to close the caps tightly after use to avoid drying out and try not to drop them on a hard surface. As I was preparing this post to share with you all, I dropped too shy and it did start to separate from the edges of the pan. Would I buy these again? Yes! Would I recommend them? I sure would! for $5 you cannot go wrong. To check out more awesome colours that the Color Pop crew has to offer check out their website here
colour pop cosmetics slave2pink, game face, bae, too shy shamelss, fantasy, mooning,lace
0.07oz/ $5
Left -Right
slave2pink, game face, bae, too shy
shamelss, fantasy, mooning,lace
colour pop cosmetics slave2pink, game face, bae, too shy shamelss, fantasy, mooning,lace

colour pop cosmetics slave2pink, game face, bae, too shy shamelss, fantasy, mooning,lace

colour pop cosmetics shadow swatches in slave2pink, game face, bae, too shy shamelss, fantasy, mooning,lace
colour pop cosmetics lippie stix and lippie liner in grind
Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencil in Grind

colour pop cosmetics lippie stix and lippie liner swatch in grind

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