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Cold Fighting Remedies| David’s Tea Cold 911


Cold Fighting Remedies| David’s Tea Cold 911

Hey Friends! Its just a few days until Christmas and I am a little stressed. I have been sick for most of last week and this week with a terrible cough. My cough is so bad that when I breathe my chest wheezes so bad I feel like I am drowning. I haven’t been to the doctor because its cold and flu season and I am afraid of pick up something much worse. So instead I have been trying to let nature takes its course in order for my body to fight it, on its own.

Well now that I am into week 2 its only gotten worse, Throat lozenges and cold medicines are not helping at all besides guaranteeing me a full nights sleep for once.  A few weeks back I had received a package from one of the PR gals I work with. It was a Winter Warrior Survival Kit and at this point I am ready to try something new. In it I received a package of David’s Tea Cold 911 along with the tea I also received the cutest tea set. It came with a generously sized cup, single-serve stainless steel infuser and ceramic stir spoon. That securely rests on a specially designed wood tray, the perfect way to nurse this terrible cough I have.

A lot of people rave about David’s tea, me however since I discovered coffee a few years back my days of drinking tea quickly faded. From time to time I like to enjoy a cold tea, or “iced tea” as its known. But aside from that, I don’t drink tea anymore unless I am feeling Ill. Cold 911 really works wonders and its a tea I think every household should have during the Cold/Flu season. It was so soothing to drink and I felt a lot better by the next day. Inside the tea there is a mix of Peppermint, Juniper Berries and Orange peel. Which is the perfect combination to fight off those cold and flu symptoms.1


Organic: Peppermint, apple, juniper berries. With natural eu calyptus and orange flavouring.

I am feeling somewhat better, but I think its time I visit the doctors office to find out why my chest sings when I try to inhale or exhale. Or why I now have continuous sneezing watering eyes and stuffiness. I thought with time things got better not worse. What are some of your favourite teas to keep in the home when you are feeling Ill? Let me know in the comments below.


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