Ben Nye Face and Mojave Luxury Powders

Ben Nye Face and Mojave Luxury Powders Sienna, Topaz,Camel, Olive Sand

Ben Nye powders have been really popular over the last few years mainly because it was known and said that Kim K’s highlight was achieved using Ben Nye’s Banana Powder. The Ben Nye Face powder line is used in a few ways, to set makeup, control shine, smooth the surface and well as providing a fuller coverage when needed. The two types of powders I am posting about do two different things. The face powder is used to provide fuller coverage and the Mojave Luxury powder is used to enhance a more olive skin tone without the chalkiness as some powders may leave. The Mojave line is a newer improved line where the powder is made ultra fine to prevent chalkiness on the skin without compromising the quality of the powder. I picked up 2 from each line, mainly because the shades looked kind of similar and I wasn’t sure which to choose. The powders themselves are very fine and soft once applied to the skin and they really don’t leave a chalky finish when applied. Of the 4 shades that I chose I can blend them out and they would all work on my skintone although the shades are all slightly different. The cost of the powders range anywhere from $6 all the way to $20 depending on the size you are looking for. I do plan to pick more up for personal use as well as my kit because so far they work great and there is no flash back in pictures provided you don’t apply too much product.

The Ben Nye powders can be purchased online at many retailers however I did purchase mine from if you do sign up now you will receive a 10% discount on your order. Happy Shopping!

Ben Nye Face and Mojave Luxury Powders Sienna, Topaz,Camel, Olive Sand swatches

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