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Back To School Organization With Colour From Sharpie And Papermate

Back To School Organization With Colour From Sharpie And Papermate 

When I think of colour I think of more than just your primary coloured rainbow. I think of vibrant hues, striking neons, soft pastels and back to school stationary. There is more to life than just your basic primary shades. Colour allows you to think outside of the ordinary, place yourself in places you’ve never been and helps you accomplish those goals that you thought you never could. Those are all the hopes that I have for my children when they return to school, a year older, a year wiser and another year with more creativity. As a young girl growing up in school I could remember my mom always telling me how worried she was because I did things differently than the norm with colour. Instead of the sun being yellow it was green and instead of the clouds being blue they were pink. Or she could never figure out why when I wrote things down why they had to be in a million different colours.


Colour: noun

The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations through the eyes.

As an adult, I try to incorporate colour in my daily life. It is important especially because I am so busy with running a household and working outside of the home as well. Everything for me is colour coded by importance in a planner which I use for appointments, blogging deadlines, food prepping, work schedule and much more. Because I love colour so much I wanted to make sure that I used tools that not only helped me stay organized in my planner, they also had to look pretty as well. Papermate Ink Joy Gel Pens are my favourite pens to use in my planner they are offered in 14 vivid shades and dry 3x faster than any other gel pens out there and they look and write beautifully on paper.

Back To School Organization With Colour From Sharpie And Papermate

For the kids getting them on track for the new school year is another important area for my family. With my oldest going into her last year in high school who also has a learning disability(ADD) staying organized is essential for her. Sharpie and Papermate have helped her tremendously with colour coding her study notes, labelling her belongings to make sure they can be found if lost and in the decorative aspect for completing her school projects. Normally she switches between the fine tip sharpies will come in 37 different shades and the ultra fine which has 25 assorted colours to choose from. So she is pretty much covered when it comes to colour choices and precision. Not forgetting to mention the Sharpies are fade and water resistant for items that she has to label which may get wet.

My youngest is the artist of the home, drawing and colouring is her absolute favourite pastime. Using the Sharpie ultra fine markers for outlining and the Papermate Ink joy gel pens to colour allows her to have the freedom to create her masterpieces on paper and my walls from time to time (insert mad face)

Both the Papermate and Sharpie can be found at Walmart and are staples in my home for years now. They last long, have durability and stand up to the copious amounts of art work and projects done with them. I really can’t think of any other brands that deliver results like Papermate and Sharpie do. Since I love the brands so much I have an incredible opportunity for you to win your own! Good Luck!

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Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and Sharpie/Paper Mate and have received compensation for this post. All opinions in the post are my own.

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