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Away At Deerhurst For The Wild About Dad’s Weekend

 Away At Deerhurst For The Wild About Dad's Weekend

Away At Deerhurst For The Wild About Dad’s Weekend

For fathers day weekend my family and I were grateful enough to have the opportunity to visit and celebrate the Wild About Dads festivities at Deerhurst Resort on Father’s Day weekend.It was a great experience the staff there were incredible and our lodging accommodations were amazing too. We had conjoining rooms which overlooked the Penninsula Lake. It was the most amazing view to wake up to each day we were there. Being away at Deerhurst for the Wild About Dad’s weekend the kids were greeted with goody bags of candy which they devoured so quickly I barely got to take a picture everything.   Away At Deerhurst For The Wild About Dad's Weekend

 Away At Deerhurst For The Wild About Dad's Weekend

The first day there as pretty low key, we roamed the grounds to familiarize ourselves with the area. After that, we grabbed a bite to eat at the restaurant Escape which is located in the main building. With a good nights sleep, we were ready for a new day and new adventures at the Deerhurst resort. We took part in many activities with the kids and hubby of course that were all related to celebrating Dad’s on Father’s Day. The first activity that we did was a hike which overlooked the lake and it was beautiful! the kids and hubby went on the hike while I stayed back for a meeting. From the looks of it, it was a great exercise because they were completely wiped when they got back.

After lunch, I did something that I thought I would never do. I GOT ON A BOAT with no life jacket to take a cruise on the Penninsula Lake. It was the most exhilarating moment of my life and I honestly cannot wait to do it again. The kids even had the chance to steer the boat with a little help from our tour guide.

Later on in the day, we were wowed by the Birds of Prey presentation. I have never been so close to Owls and Vultures in my life. It made us really appreciate the animals we have and what they do for our wild life. 

To allow for a little fun time for the kids, they had to chance to go indoor rock climbing and they surprisingly did really well getting up the wall. We also took them to the beach for a quick dip before dark which after a long day it was really relaxing to see them have the wind down at the Lake. To prepare for our last day activity the kids and hubby also went to a craft class to make fishing rods for the Father’s Day Fishing Derby which were taking place at 7 am on Father’s Day Morning. Although it was pouring rain we were good sports and still made the attempt to try to catch a fish but only succeeded in catching a lily pad. 

Father’s Day Fishing Derby

Overall we had an incredible weekend away at Deerhurst, it was one of our best trips to date where we spent a lot of time together. We are really looking forward to visiting our friends at the Resort very soon!

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In exchange for my honest thoughts accommodations were provided 

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